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REVIEW! A Tangle of Spells by Michelle Harrison

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for gifting me an e-arc of this book, I did end up reading my finished copy that I pre-ordered myself. This review may have spoilers for the first and second books in this trilogy, but if you want to see my reviews for those two books, you can find my spoiler free review here for A Pinch of Magic and my spoiler free review here for A Sprinkle of Sorcery.

Rating: ★★★★★

The blurb for this book (taken from Goodreads) is:
Everyone knows that magic and trouble go hand in hand…
A dangerous spell cast over an unsuspecting village.
An enchanted painting locked in a hidden room.
A desperate race against time to break the spell before it’s too late…
It should have been a fresh start for the Widdershins. Finally free from the misty gloom of Crowstone and beginning a new life. But all is not as it seems in their postcard-pretty village. Their neighbours are acting strangely, and why do they flinch at the mere mention of magic?
The Widdershins sisters have their own secret: a set of enchanted nesting dolls with the power to render their user invisible. The sisters must use their wits – and their magic – if they’re to break the dark hold over the village, and save one of their own . . . but have they met their match this time?

I expected this to be much like the first two books in the series where the three sisters go on an adventure and use their magical objects to help save the day, and it was but it was also so much creepier than the last two and I love the “dark” turn it took from the other books, and by dark I mean it’s still very much middle grade but it was just darker and creepier than the first two.

As always I absolutely loved the characters in this, Charlie will forever be my favourite of the sisters, she’s so adorable, but also tough and funny and just such a loveable character. Fliss wasn’t as big of the part of the adventure this time round but Betty really showed, once again, just how smart, and brave she is. The beginning of this book (and by beginning I mean the first few pages) were quite bittersweet because although they were planning on an adventure, it meant they were leaving the Poachers Pocket for good. But adventure they got, the three sisters find a secret room in their new house and it opens their eyes to their new town which is full of secrets and a history of witches, but as they dig deeper they see not everything is as it seems. I was actually really happy with how I was right about quite a few theories I had while reading this book, and I especially loved how the sisters uncovered the secrets and figured out ways to try and fix everything.

This is always going to be a middle grade series I recommend over and over again, the first two books were amazing but this instalment of the series just knocked it out of the park and was definitely the best one so far. I can’t wait to see what the Widdershins sister get up to in their next adventure.

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