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BLOG TOUR! Vampires Of Moscow by Caedis Knight

A massive thank you to the authors for sending me an ebook of Vampires Of Moscow and for letting me be a part of the blog tour.

Rating: ★★★★

So the blurb for this book (taken from Goodreads) is:
Saskia de la Cruz is a Verity Witch – her only magic being that she can tell the truth from a lie.
As an investigative reporter for The Blood Web Chronicle, the biggest news outlet on the paranormal dark Blood Web, Saskia spends her days cracking twisted para cases hoping that someday, some case, will bring her closer to finding her missing sister.
In snowy Moscow drained corpses of illegal workers have begun to turn up, with hundreds more reported missing. When Saskia is sent on assignment to investigate an oligarch Vampire crime ring that might be behind the deaths, she plans to get in out of the city’s frozen grasp quickly…preferably with her neck intact.
But beautiful ballet dancer Konstantin Volkov and his wildcard brother Lukka complicate things. The vampire brothers have their own reasons for solving the string of murders, reasons that conflict with Saskia’s mission. Soon, Saskia finds herself enmeshed in the city’s glittering web of crime, passion, and violence, where truths and lies are one and the same.

The blurb for this book promised me mystery, vampires and passion and it definitely delivered all that and more. I read this in one sitting as I was so sucked in (pun intended) that I could not put it down. Saskia was easily my favourite character, I loved how reckless she was and she made me laugh on more than one occasion. At the beginning I was torn on which of the Volkov brothers was my favourite, but in the end I definitely picked well. (I’m not going to say which brother ended up my favourite, but if you read the book you’ll know).

I loved the different types of Witches and Shifters, I found it fascinating and I can’t wait to see more of this world in the sequel and also the novella, Sirens Of Los Angeles. I’m really intrigued by Saskia’s ability, and especially liked how she can understand different languages, I thought that was very clever. I’m so glad vampires are making a comeback in books, and I’m not talking about the glittery kind, but the dark, sexy and ruthless kind, we definitely need more vampires like Konstantin and Lukka and at least 2020 gave us something good, it gave us this book with everything we’ve been wanting for years.

Make sure you check out all the other stops on this blog tour (full dates from 31st October to 15th November).

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