The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so much to The Corner of Laura for nominating me! It’s windy and stormy here at the moment so a little bit of sunshine was definitely needed.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their page so others can see how amazing they are, too!
  • List the rules in the post and the badge somewhere on your website
  • Answer the 11 questions you got asked
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers for this award and let them know
  • Ask the nominees 11 new questions!

Question and Answers

  1. What was the last TV series you binged?
    This was The Good Place, I binged the first three series in less than two weeks and now I’m holding off on watching the fourth and final season as I don’t want it to be over already
  2. Have you ever been in a reading slump? If so, what got you out of it?
    I’ve been in minor slumps where I just read less than usual, but I haven’t had a full reading slump for years. I can’t actually remember the last time
  3. What’s your favourite way to travel (fantasy transportation included)?
    I’m not a fan of travelling. I love going places but don’t like actually having to do the journey. I would love to be able to just teleport anywhere I wanted
  4. Which book instantly makes you think of summer?
    The Paper and Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie. The group of friends go on a trip during their summer holiday, you can’t get much more summery than that.
  5. Do you prefer reading in summer or winter?
    This is hard because I like both for very different reasons. Summer I can sit in my garden with an cold drink but in the Winter I can curl up with cosy pjs, blankets and a tea or hot chocolate.
  6. Which Broadway/West End show would you love to see but haven’t yet?
    I would to see the Frozen musical, me and Liv were supposed to be getting tickets but obviously we haven’t been able to. And if I could see Hamilton live (but with the original Broadway cast) I would love that, and jump at the chance.
  7. If you could be a Bender, what kind of Bender would you be?
    I’m going to guess this is something to do with Avatar The Last Airbender… In which case I can’t anwer as I’ve never watched it.
  8. Do you have a favourite type of tea/coffee? If so, what is it?
    Tea it has to be good old Yorkshire Tea, I won’t drink any other brand as I find them all too weak or lacking in flavour. Coffee wise I’m a sucker for a coffee caramel frappuchino, which I now know how to make at home
  9. What’s one thing in 2020 you’re still looking forward to (despite everything)?
    To be honest I’m not really looking forward to anything this year now (how very pessimistic of me); all my concerts, holidays and conventions have been cancelled
  10. What would the title of your autobiography be?
    I don’t know what it would be but it would definitely have some sort of pun in the title
  11. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
    I’m terrible at giving advice, brilliant listener but terrible with advice. But I have taken on a new view on life which I’ve shared with others, where I no longer continously make effort to keep a friendship alive if the other person isn’t willing to put in the work too.


  1. What is your favourite reading snack?
  2. What is your favourite format to read in? (Paperback/Hardback/Ebook/Audiobook)
  3. Do you like to reread books?
  4. What is your favourite TV show of all time?
  5. What was your favourite book from your childhood?
  6. What is one good thing that has happened to you in 2020?
  7. Name a book you bought just because of the cover?
  8. What do you love most about the online book community?
  9. What is your most aniticipated book (can be an already released book)?
  10. What was a book that you didn’t think you would love as much as you did?
  11. What was the last book you DNF’d (or if you don’t DNF books, the last book you gave 1 star)?

I nominate:

  1. Liv @ Magical Book Blogger
  2. Nikki @ Books and Lemon Squash
  3. Kate @ Reading Through Infinity
  4. Lorraine @ Geeky Galaxy
  5. Emily @ A Short Book Lover
  6. Vicky @ What Vicky Read
  7. Lauren @ Northern Plunder
  8. Amy @ Amy Jane Alice
  9. Katherine @ The Writing Hideout
  10. Charlotte @ Wonderfully Bookish
  11. Alex @ Alex’s Books

2 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Great answers. I’ve looked up The Paper and Hearts Society and it looks great. I saw Hamilton live (but not the original cast) a couple of years ago and it was everything I hoped it would be! Hope you get to see it soon.

    I kind of feel the same way as you about 2020. The only thing about it I’m looking forward to is the day it’s over!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is incredible, I recently read the sequel aswell and loved that even more.
      It’s just such a good musical, I’m so glad Disney+ made it available
      Let’s hope the 2nd half of 2020 is better for us all 🤞🏻

      Liked by 1 person

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