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REVIEW! A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer

I don’t even know where to start with this book other than it was absolutely perfect. This may just end up being me rambling about how much I adore this book, we’ll see how I go! I’m not even going to try to keep this spoiler free because I have feelings that I just can’t reword to not be spoilers, so you have been warned.

Rating: ★★★

Here’s my review of A Curse So Dark and Lonely, which I cannot believe was over a year ago!
And here is the link to the blurb for A Heart So Fierce and Broken on Goodreads

We ended book one on a cliffhanger (not okay Brigid) with Harper and Rhen thinking Grey got stuck in Washington, us finding out about my darling Grey’s parentage and him turning up injured at his family’s farm (definitely not in Washington). This book starts a few months after ACSDAL ends with Grey living in a town at the edge of the kingdom and no one knowing who he is. Unlike the first book which alternates POV’s between Harper and Rhen, this book alternates between Grey and Lia Mara. We’re also introduced to two new characters; Tycho and Lia Mara. Tycho is the boy who essentially becomes Grey’s shadow, he is precious and must be protected at all costs. Lia Mara, or should I say Princess Lia Mara, is the first born daughter of the downright nasty Queen Karis Luran of Shyl Shallow who we first meet in ACSDAL. We learn that although Lia Mara is the eldest daughter, she is not next in line for the throne as her mother favours Lia Mara’s younger sister Nola Verin. Grey and Lia Mara meet when they are both imprisoned in Rhen’s castle and what with Lia Mara being a straight up badass and not taking no crap from Grey, I am here for this OTP? I had literally heart eyes every time they were together (which is a lot)

I had very high expectations for this book and I can say with all my heart I was not disappointed, my literal only sadness is that as I managed to get a copy of the ARC in a trade, I have even longer to wait for book three, which once again THE BOOK ENDED ON A CLIFFHANGER. I have recommended this series to so many people (my mum read ACSDAL and absolutely loved it, I’m also going to get my sister to read it because I know she will love it too). I cannot see why anyone wouldn’t like this series, except maybe if you’re not a fan of re-tellings? – but even then, it deviates a lot from being a re-telling, especially in book two.



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