BLOG TOUR! I Hold Your Heart by Karen Gregory

It’s been a while since I was a part of a blog tour but I was really excited for this one! Huge thank you to Bloomsbury and Faye Rogers for my review copy and for inviting me to be apart of the tour. Make sure you also check out the other stops on this tour too.

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I loved Karen’s book Skylarks which I read last year, so when I saw she was releasing another book, and then when I read the blurb I knew I had to read it.

Rating: ★★★★
I Hold Your Heart final cover

So the blurb for this book (taken from Goodreads) is:
‘You make me feel like there’s something good in the world I can hold on to,’ Aaron says. He kisses me again, draws me so close it’s almost hard to breathe. ‘I love you, Gem. And I promise I’ll hold your heart forever.’

When Gemma meets Aaron, she feels truly seen for the first time. Their love story is the intense kind. The written-in-the-stars, excluding-all-others kind. The kind you write songs about.

But little by little their relationship takes over Gemma’s life. What happens when being seen becomes being watched, and care becomes control?

Even just reading the blurb again gives me chills. I devoured this book in less than a day; I started reading it on my lunch break in work, then continued once I got home and fought through the tiredness because I could not put it down. My first main thought going into this book was that I wanted to be able to relate to Gemma (as I have had a similar, although not as intense, experience in a past relationship).

The first thing I loved about this book was that I was about 4 pages in and the main character is expressing her love for country music, I instantly knew this character was for me (it’s not often you get characters, or people in general real life that love a bit of country music). 

We first meet Aaron while he’s watching her at her brother’s football match (creepy), he then turns up at the cafe she works in later that day and speaks to her. Next thing you know he’s a student at the college she attends. This boy is throwing up red flags from the beginning, but obviously Gemma is young and naive, and when you’re that age, getting attention from a cute boy is the only thing that matters – it’s one of the many things I dislike that society teaches us. He asks her out with that typical boyish charm; aka ‘I won’t take no for an answer’ and of course Gemma says yes. I definitely think we should be teaching young girls, and boys for that matter, how to spot the early signs of an abusive relationship. This book brilliantly shows just how easy it is to miss the early signs and before you know it, you feel trapped with no escape, and you still don’t see what everyone else does and are making excuses for your partner’s actions.

I HIGHLY recommend this book, it’s chilling and brilliant.


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